Homelab 2.0

After a long hiatus, I’m back.

And I came with a lot of new equipment. New to me, that is.

Im currently diving headfirst virtualization, ESXI 6.5, Windows server 2012R2, VLANs, etc.

my evolved baby and KWh sucker:


I picked up a Dell R710, and equipped it with:

  • 2x Xeon X5670 2.93GHz
  • 3x 525GB Crucial SSDs in RAID 5, total of 1TB SSD storage
  • 4 143GB 15K HDDs in Raid 5, 400 or so GB data storage

to accompany this as a secondary storage array to my UNRAID, I also grabbed a Dell R510:

  • 2x  Xeon E5649 2.53GHz
  • 2x 250GB SSD
  • an assortment of HDDs that equal 15TB with 4 empty bays for expansion
  • LSI 9211 flashed to IT mode to allow direct passthrough to a 2012R2 VM for Drivepool

And of course, my UNRAID storage server, recently upgraded with an LSI 9211 HBA flashed to IT mode, plus an additonal 24TB consisting of x2 8TB  WD Red drives I pulled from a WD Duo book, and an 8TB Seagate Archive drive. The UNRAID server used to be my main plex box, with an i5-3570K and 16GB of RAM. With over 30 users, I outgrew that, and thus the R710 was brought in to do the heavy duty transcoding!
Im just rambling at this point, but I needed to get something on the page and out the door to get back in the motion of things, and post about something other than death. This is supposed to be a Tech blog you know, not an obituary.  Ill have a topographical map of my homelab up sometime this week hopefully, visuals are always fun.


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