Past Tense


The “group”, as it were, gathers on an almost nightly basis.

a frenetic energy has enveloped us.

All exhausted, but none wanting to be alone.

Perhaps we feel the need to replace the energy lost, the actions needing to be taken.

the nightly excursions and sleepless nights have been passed on to us,

the torch we never wanted.


we do our best to keep busy, to fill the gap.

“You can either choose to laugh or cry. The former requires less clean up”

So we laugh first, and clean up the rest later.


for periods of time we even pretend to forget,

till a story gets told and he becomes the past tense.

the moment flickers by, a slight hitch in the witty repartee.


Other times it looms and the room fills with grey.

The distant warmth is gone.


Sometimes I feel like, if I just keep to the jokes, keep the beat rolling, never have to stop,

I wont have to feel it. I can keep the pressure building at bay till I get home.

I dread the quiet now.

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