“She’s dead, Jim.”


(Cue Shatner Voice)

It was a Tuesday.

October 25. 2016.

Time: 8:10

I was running late, that day.

A late night toiling away on my personal projects, my loyal machine plugging away, my sleeping hours vanished.

Rushing out the door to get to work on time, I turned back to grab my forgotten keys on my desk.

In the darkness of my room, I made a fatal mistake.

The keys. The glass of water. So close. Too close.

The fateful grab. The spill.

The sizzle and zap.

With a pop, my desktop monitors went black,  I rushed to turn it off before more damage was done.

My body, cold, I ripped the cords out and threw her on the bed, tried to save her.

The water was, everywhere. No part was left untouched. I did my best to save her. I unscrewed  it all. The heatsinks, capacitors, used isopropyl alcohol to clean her. I tried everything.

But she was gone.



To be continued.

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