Settling In


I’m approaching a month at my new job, and some patterns have begun to evolve.

As time goes on, I’ve taken note that most things in life follow  a pattern. Once you’ve experienced enough patterns, you can walk into most places and situations and know how things are going to go. Office life has a general pattern. Good offices have better ones, but across them all, its pretty much the same except for the details.

People have patterns as well, and as a very habitual person, I can appreciate that. My daily pattern is thus:

720: My lights slowly fade on automatically, and I wake up. Queue laying in bed for 20 minutes

735-45: After laying in bed, I realize that yes, I DO need to go to work. Get up, shower and get dressed. brush my teeth, and be out the door by 8.

805: Actually leave for work. Arrive around 8:10-15. My manager said on my first day that he wasnt a stickler for start times, and to arrive around 8. I intend and do fully take advantage of this leeway, especially as a salaried employee.

820: After checking my email and Lync to make sure the office isnt burning down somewhere, I get my  free gourmet coffee and peruse the departments looking for a morning snack (Theres usually cookies if not donuts somewhere in the building at any given time). If its Monday, they have fresh fruit in all the bowls around the place. If it’s the First monday of the month, they usually have bagels and other breakfast items in the kitchen.
830-40: After doing the rounds to acquire my fuel for the morning, I actually sit down and check my tickets. I check the general queue if there’s anything I can do as well. Generally theres some easy tickets I can knock out early, and this will take an hour or so.

930: My manager comes in after taking care of his kid in the morning. From here, we usually chitchat for a bit, and I ask him any questions I had about the mornings tickets and projects. I take care of any pressing needs and get some priorities straightened out with him.

1030: Daily stand up meeting. We have multiple locations, so its good to have a daily checkup between all the staff. There’s about 5 of us for as many locations(company of 1500 employees), so communication is key.

1100: (Mondays only) Weekly internal infrastructure meeting with the Hosting and internal team, and my bosses boss. I catch up on emails or read Reddit/doze off while they talk about projects I have no clue about nor will I generally touch.I listen with half an ear to make sure I dont miss anything important.

1200: most of the building empties for lunch. Things get quiet. Very productive hour for me. Imaging machines or whatever else I need to do.

1300-1500: I take my lunch between 1 and 3PM as work dictates. Things tend to be slow in the morning, and pick up in the afternoon.

1400-1715 Chat with manager or employees about things. Take care of tickets and walkups, setup new employees, and work on projects. Then…Go home. Part of the reason I don’t feel bad showing up at 815 is because I generally dont leave till 1715 anyways.

So far its proving to be a very relaxed job, comparatively. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. The people are great, the management is communicative and cooperative, there’s respect for all people and things, but still a sense of humor and humanity. Great place all around. It’s still an office, with its office patterns, but I’m learning to enjoy them.

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