Good Beginnings


Technically, I’m on my third week of my new job. In reality, its only my second week.

I took last week off for the family’s annual hunting trip out to Eastern Oregon. One that I’ve missed for quite a few years because of work, and this time I actually scored some deer tags. Luckily, this didn’t interfere with my new employment, because I mentioned it as a caveat during my interview. As usual with how wonderful my new place is, it was a bygone conclusion that I’d get the time off for Deer and Elk hunting.

While work was great in giving me what I wanted, Hunting sadly did not produce similar results. A week of getting up at 5AM to walk for miles in the high pine forest, and while I got to enjoy lovely nature in all its various forms, Not a single buck was to be found. Which would seem odd, considering the amount of deer hanging in all the OTHER camps in our campground. We came a few days after the start of the season, so its our belief that the other hunters cleared the area out. It was an odd year even with that, considering the lack of doe. We saw about 20, about less than half the usual, and during our woods walking, only walked on two does.

Besides my lack of luck hunting Cervids,I’ve been having an amazing time at my job. I still marvel that I work there. I don’t think I’ll ever stop frankly. Free food and coffee, tech toys to play with and manage, and tons of autonomy and great support from my management. Which, doesn’t really feel like management, mainly just a guide. I have lots of room to grow, and they’re certainly giving it to me. For the most part I’ve been pretty plug and play for their current operations, which they’ve really been impressed with, to the point that its being constantly expressed by management and others in a genuine way.

I’ve never been good with praise. I’m sure you could go all Freudian on that, but It’s always been an awkward experience for me. I generally just say thank you and try to move the conversation on. Working here, I don’t think I’ve ever received more positive feedback. I’m generally a good performer wherever I go. Its been a process to learn how to accept that I’m good at what I do without becoming pompous, and learning to accept the praise then ask for criticism.

Communication is  strong across the whole org chart, top to bottom. There’s the usual reverence for the C level execs, but even they are quite approachable, and respectful of IT and its resources. Respect and competence is the norm here, rather than the opposite. Which is sadly something new to me. The small issues here are generally resolved by the users themselves, and if they can’t or don’t feel like they can resolve it, they put in a ticket and wait. I suppose working for a software company helps with that. All my previous experience is wrapped up in old, monolithic corporations, along with all the…idiosyncrasies that come with them.

As I was getting ready to go to work this morning, it hit me that I was actually excited to go to work. I was excited. My job isn’t all glamorous. There are still frustrating problems and hard work. But the culture at work is so positive and stress free, I actually wanted to go to work.

Edit: to add to the awesomeness here, I found where the software engineers play mario kart and smash party. They have a whole TV and game station setup for games, and have monthly tournaments after work on the big screens.

I am inherently a lazy person. I never want to go to work. I hate getting up in the morning, and I despise having my time managed. But this place has me giddy to go to work. It makes me want to go the extra mile, stay that extra hour. Because I know it will be appreciated by more than what it  just adds to the bottom line.

I know I’m still in the honeymoon phase with this new “relationship”, but I’m going to do my best to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

I can only hope everyone finds a place like this. I don’t know how I got here, but I’m going to do everything I can to stay.

– Garret

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