I got the job!


Did I tell you I got the job?

Even I’m tired of telling myself I got the job ( only slightly).

There is a stereotype of business in the IT world that most young IT professionals aspire to. Everyone wants to live and work in the Bay area. Otherwise known as the Silicon Valley; Mecca of nerds, Land of Googleplexs, Strange Spaceship looking buildings and other assorted oddities that have no purpose other than to display their wealth in as geekiest a way as possible.

The geeks dream is to able to say they’ve been there and walked those hallowed halls, let alone actually having worked there.  A lot of it has to do with company culture, perceived or otherwise, rather than the actual technology. Kings of the work hard/play hard mantra, Google (among other companies of the big 5) gives their workers every reason NOT to leave, and in fact some people didnt.  It’s this kind of culture they cultivate to attract young professionals, to escape the beige walls of corporatocracy to something a little more colorful, personal.

That’s how they want to be perceived anyways. The reality can be quite different. And that’s where I’m at with my new job. It seems like a dream come true, but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The building is all brick and glass in a ritzy office park,

(For reference, a pic of the buildings in my office park. Our building is very similar.)


the lobby looks like a 5 star hotel with a touchscreen for an office registry. You take the elevator up to the top floor, and are greeted by a white room, accented with green and orange glass. Through the glass doors, you have the dark wood floor, slate grey walls, funky orange chairs and green throw pillows on the grey coach in the middle of the…Living space? It’s very modern, but for some reason I’m reminded of the aesthetic of 2001: Space Odyssey. All it would need is a little more eggshell white paneling and some of those strange egg chairs to be at home in that film. All of this is eclipsed by one of the 90 inch Surface Screens on the wall however. You know, just casually having a giant touch screen TV to play with is normal here.

The full kitchen has marbled surfaces and dining tables, where they have their weekly catered during work get-together’s. Grab a beer and some hors d’oeuvres, watch the game (On the other big screen TV in the dining room) and chat with the other teams. This is a regular occurrence and encouraged from the top to the bottom of management.

It was hard to not look starstruck as they talked about their average work life. As I went through the four (Read’em, Four) interviews to get this job, my cynicism reared its ugly head incessantly. “No way they’d want me” “Too good to be true” and “I’m not good enough to work there” were constant threads of thought as they showed me around and I went through the interviews. I got good vibes from them the entire time, and the recruiter said I had it in the bag. I still couldn’t shake the feeling I wasn’t good enough. Impostor Syndrome is a real thing apparently.

It was Friday, the day after my interview, and I awaited a call or email nervously. They said they needed someone pronto, and wanted to put out an offer by the end of Friday.

The call came, and I hurried outside.

“So, I know I told you that if the team liked you, they’d want put an offer out quickly, and I thought they did really like you…” As he went on, the tone for the discussion was conciliatory,”you tried”. I don’t know if he did it on purpose, but I had a sinking feeling that I was a getting a “Thanks for trying bud” call. I dont know if he did it on purpose or wasnt paying attention to his tone, but when he said “We’d like to offer you the job”, I was silent for a bit. In a quiet voice I asked “…Really?”. He confirmed it, and instead of reaching through the phone to strangle him, I started jumping around and squealing under my breath like a little girl. I’m a pretty even keeled guy, and probably am not as enthusiastic about life as much as I should be. However I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited in my life than when I heard those words. I almost cried. Conversely, I was a tad peeved that he lead me on like I wasn’t going to get the job!

I had been feeling like a sinking ship stuck in this rut of low skill work, and he had been the rescue plane that sailed past to play with my emotions and then turned back at the last-minute to actually rescue me, like in every single movie with a rescue. Its predictable but you still jump even though you know the end.

It’s strange to look into the mirror and think of myself as an adult. I still feel like frightened teenager posing as something I’m not among these 3o something year olds. I should be used to being the baby by now, considering I’ve been the youngest person at every job I’ve held. Not having a bachelor’s degree among all these grads certainly doesn’t help my feelings of Impostor syndrome, but so far it all hasn’t come crumbling down around me. Lets hope it stays that way.

My next adventure starts this Monday, the 26th. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about starting a job. I’ve achieved a checkpoint in this grand game, it’s time to take on the next levels challenges. Wish me luck.

– Garret

P.S: As an aside, I bought a new watch to go with my new job and work attire. a Seiko SNDC33. I wanted something slightly more upscale looking for my upscale job. I’ll be making a post for it and my other watches later. Here’s a meh picture of it for now:20160922_155307.jpg

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